Microbiological, Analytical & Chemistry Testing Laboratory

Microconsult, Inc., established in 1986, incorporated in 1994, is an independent microbiological and analytical chemistry testing laboratory located in Carrollton, Texas. Microconsult, Inc. is an FDA registered laboratory and is licensed by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to test class 2 and 3 controlled substances. Microconsult, Inc. leads the industry in customer service, quality testing, and pricing. Microconsult, Inc. operates under good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practice regulations. Our customers are located throughout the United States. At Microconsult, Inc. we understand our customer’s business needs as well as your technical requirements.

Our quality policy: Microconsult, Inc. is dedicated to be one of the industry leaders in testing services.  Our policy is to ensure accurate and timely testing services, and to continuously meet and/or exceed the expectations of our customers through day-to-day interaction.

At Microconsult, Inc., we utilize USP, AOAC, ASTM and other methods including our in-house validated analytical methods where standard validated methods do not exist or are no longer valid for use in our state of the art analytical chemistry equipment.

At Microconsult, Inc., we will work with you regarding new product method development and validation requirements regarding your OTC drug, Cosmetic, Medical Device and Nutritional Products. In addition, as a turnkey company, we can establish your expiry dating for your OTC drugs in our on-site stability chambers. We perform all of your stability/shelf life testing including active ingredient assays, preservative efficacy testing, pH, viscosity, color, odor, product package compatibility, and other applicable testing.

At Microconsult, Inc., we pride ourselves in rapid turnaround time so that our customers may ship their products to the marketplace. All microbiological submissions are tested the day the test products arrive as we understand that our customers need to ship quality product in a timely manner.  In addition, we pledge to return customer calls regarding questions, turnaround time, explanation of results and other inquiries in a time commensurate with your production or shipping needs.


3218 Commander Dr.
Suite 100
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone (972) 250-2902
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